April 13, 2013
9am - 4 pm

9630 Gudelsky Drive
Rockville, MD 20850

9:00 to 9:30 Registration
9:30 to 10:15 Lighting Design

The lighting design workshop with Joe Musumeci will include understanding the stage, writing light cues, providing insight into creative ways of designing the lights to compliment the theme of a production, learning about the range of lighting options available, as well as the proper use of technical terms associated with lighting.

Presenter: Joe Musumeci
10:20 to 11:00 In conversation with Daniel P. Singh - Breaking the Barriers

The session with Daniel Phoenix Singh, the President and Artistic Director of Dakshina (Daniel Phoenix Dance Company) will provide an insight into Daniel's journey from being a student of dance to a performer, artistic director, and presenter of premiere shows. The challenges faced by the company in performing both modern dance and bharatanatyam on the same platform as well as creating an interest for the same in the mainstream as well as the Indian community will be some of the issues addressed.

Presenter: Daniel P Singh
~ Coffee Break from 11:00 to 11:15 ~
11:15 to noon Grant Writing - Communicating Your Work

Vijay Palaparty (Founder and Co-Artistic Director of The Spilling Ink Project, Washington, DC) focuses on the importance of communicating your work in the context of target audiences and valuable stakeholders. He addresses the need to communicate clearly about one's work to the public using a value-based approach - with a primary emphasis on garnering support from grantmakers and donors, cultivating relationships with existing audiences, and expanding to new audiences. Essentially, what do my audiences and stakeholders care about? And how do I communicate with them in a way that is clear and concise? The presentation is delivered using grants and marketing and public relations collateral tactics.

Presenter: Vijay Palaparty

~ LUNCH BREAK from 12 to 1 ~

1:00 to 1:50 Music and Technology

Sukanya Mukherji (Director, Mayur Dance Academy), in the Music and Technology workshop will provide a comprehensive learning experience in converting music from an audio recording to digital recording and how to clean/edit music.

Presenter: Sukanya Mukherjee
2:00 to 3:00 Concept & Visualization of a production

The seeds of an idea germinating into full fledged production, this session will guide us through the stages of conception, development, creation, and presentation of a theme under the expertise of D. Praveen Kumar, Director, Chithakala School of Dance, India.

Presenter: D Praveen Kumar
~ Coffee Break from 3:00 to 3:15 ~
3:15 to 4:00 Production/Technical scripts

Michael Sperber, Technical Director of ClancyWorks, will lead this session on the how to of the technical aspects of a production from beginning to end.

Presenter: Michael Sperber